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Bits and pieces of my build a marimba project.

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And there it is…

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Huffington Post writes, A new Kia ad is raising eyebrows—with some even saying that it promotes pedophilia.

The ad, which promotes a dual-zone climate control feature in one of Kia’s cars, took home the Silver Press Lion at the prestigious Cannes Lion Awards. But it is controversial, to say the least.

The ad features a teacher lusting after his elementary school-aged student. On one side of the page, she appears as a young girl. On the other side, though, she becomes a scantily clad, buxom teen, seemingly as a product of the teacher’s imagination.

It’s clearly designed to shock, and is succeeding. The advertising blog Copyranter called it ”one of the sleaziest car ads ever,” and noted that it doesn’t even visualize the benefits of dual climate control very well.” READ MORE»

Um, yeah.  This is gross. 

So, so wrong.




Oh wow really? Why are people getting in such a tiff about this? Look at his facial expressions on the Childs side. He isn’t provocative at all. On the right, she’s clearly consent able. The thought of pedophelia would only pop up when someone analyzes it from some dumbass media-drenched perspective. Is any underage girl in a skirt child porn these days?

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Oh Nevada

View from outside my apartment.

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 Cornet use ice? hahahaha oh this is amazinglook at it in high-res and zoom in!
trust me, you dont have to be able to read music to see that this is funny (it dose help though)

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 Cornet use ice? hahahaha oh this is amazing
look at it in high-res and zoom in!

trust me, you dont have to be able to read music to see that this is funny (it dose help though)

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He’s cute. 8 hour speedpaint, so to speak.

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Andreas Gursky (1955) is a German visual artist known for his enormous architecture and landscape color photographs, often employing a high point of view.

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Starting from the top left and going clockwise:

Digital Watercolor

Such a fun assignment. We had to take the lineart from our last class’ assignment and break it up into quadrants. In each, we had 15 minutes of a different medium and had to move on no matter what. Ugh, so fun.

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You’re a furry, so does that mean all you do is have sex with your girlfriend in doggie style?
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I am loving this project more and more. As soon as I get a chance tomorrow, I will put up the piece I did tonight. I might even have multiples. Oh, did I mention I’m working now on non-traced characters? It’s working out rather well.